Main Rules

First of all, I speak for every admin on this wikia, these are the rules, not to be changed.

First rule: Please, no roleplaying. We may not allow this in anyway. It is rude, annoying, and useless, please, if you do this, it may result in an infinite ban, so please, none of this.

Second Rule: No arguing. The only "Arguing" allowed is saying things like, I disagree, or something like that, if you are not a demigod, for example, you may not argue, however, if you disagree, you may say so, and why.

Third Rule: No bullying/harassing. Everybody I've met has been a bully, or harassed me, and I must tell you, its not fun. Please, no sorts of bullying or harassing in any way, as this will result in a warning, then a ban. 

Fourth Rule: No trolling. As of what I've seen, this has been a major problem on many other wikia's, so please, none of this, as will result in ban without warning.

Who to talk to

If you think you are a demigod, please leave a comment in the chat and say why you think so. Any admin may answer, but a user who has been claimed may also tell you that we will be with you soon, and we will be there as soon as possible. But please, don't rush, we may not have time to answer it right away, but we will soon.

As of now, please only talk to AmythestGemstone, YingYang43, and Demigods12, as they are the only ones who can be honest with answers.

How to tell if your a demigod

What you do is comment either on this page, or the page you believe your claim is on. Afterwards, wait for either YingYang43, AmythestGemstone, or Demigods12 replies. If you are not claimed, please do not argue, as this will lead to fighting that is not needed, and can cause a lot of bad things to happen.